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The Beginning of B&G Sponsored Events

We were just simply signing up for craft sales and selling crocheted afghans made by Gail. There was a sale scheduled at our church that we were signed up for when the persons hosting backed out. There were nearly thirty vendors already signed up. The Church staff asked if we would take over the event.

We agreed and set about deciding where vendors would set up, where to put out signs and what advertising to do. It was stressful to say the least to be put into it this way, but we found we liked it. We learned real quick to investigate when a vendor put
“And accessories” on their applications.  Our very first show we had mostly jewelry vendors. 

Some time later, we tried an outside show combining a rummage sale with a bazaar. It was worse than we expected because the customers expected the regular vendors to sell their product at give away prices. It was a learning experience that we took to heart and didn't back away from hosting.

We have had a venue canceled on us only to find a rescue elsewhere. We didn't quit. We kept going on.

We started out hosting one show a year eventually our church decided to fold so we were allowed to give a farewell bazaar that year. We felt two a year was kinda neat.   At one of our events we met up with a lady who convinced us that we could do more than two a year.  She pushed us to do one a month but we held our ground and only did 7.   

We took on the business name of B & G Sponsored Events about four years ago. I can't say if that's exactly when we were first known as “B&G Sponsored Events”, but the name did stick and we count our beginning as of the Christmas Bazaar Season of 2008.

Coming Soon B&G Sponsored Events

New Event in February

Love Is In The Air Bazaar

First Christian Church of Tacoma, 602 Orchard St, Tacoma WA

Sat Feb 9, 10 am to 5 pm

New Event April

 Hop Into Spring Bazaar

First Christian Church of Tacoma, 602 Orchard St, Tacoma WA

Sat Apr 6, 10 am to 5 pm

New Event May

  Mothers Day Bazaar

First Christian Church of Tacoma, 602 N Orchard St, Tacoma WA.

Sat May 18, 10 am to 5 pm

New Events Coming Soon!


Welcome to B&G Sponsored Events


Sharon Prichard with Damsel in Defence

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B&G Sponsored 10th annual Holiday Bazaar

The Famous B&G Santa coming to the Dec. Event.

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Booth Rental Rates

Footnote: Vendor must bring there own tables . Rental Tables $20 each!

Vendors information



Vendor parking area provide. 

Vendors Set Up Time

The Doors will be open for Vendor set up on Friday nights starting  5:30 pm to 8pm

Vendors Breakdown Time

Vendors Please do not  break down before  5:01 pm

Promote current Events

 B & G Sponsored Event owners, Bill and Gail Rocheleau, are vendors as well as coordinators.  As such, they know the importance of advertising.  Advertising is very high on their list of priorities when planning an event.  They feel it is very important for their vendors to know what is being done to promote each event.

1.) Keeba Agency has been hired to do online advertising, podcasting, exposure on Social media, etc.

They feel that Keeba Agency has done that and much more.  They have done far more than what the contract agreement covers....thanks to Mr. William Lee

2.) Beginning September 1, 2018 B & G Sponsored events have their own podcast show.  It runs at 8:30 on Saturday mornings.  They are looking for vendors who would like to guest on their show.  Please contact them if you are interested.  The shows are prerecorded so you don't need to be concerned about falling out of bed early to participate in the program.

3. B&G Sponsored Events advertises in the Patch.com,  & several Pierce County internet  newspapers: The Puyallup Herald, The Olympian and The Guardian  online.

4.) Flyers are made readily available to all vendors when their space has been confirmed in the conversation email.com.  It is requested that all vendors help with advertising.  B & G cannot reach each individual vendor's family, friends or customers.

5.) B & G places out between 85 to 90 bright pink signs in the neighborhood the day before the event.  To put them out any earlier invites them to grow feet and walk away.  

6.) A stand up flag was purchased for the last show.  More will be purchased as funds allow.

7.) B & G have one person who hands out flyers for each show to all of his contacts and at work

8.) They are constantly looking for new and unique ways to advertise... The B&G podcast now on iHeart Radio! 

9.) B & G, with the help of the Keeba Agency, are actively seeking more ways to publicize current happenings on Social Media.   

10.)  It has been expressed to B & G in the past, that a few vendors feel that it isn't their responsibility to advertise for a successful event.  They are only half right.  It is not the responsibility of the vendors to PAY for any advertising.  Paid advertising comes from vendor fees.  But it is the vendors responsibility to do free advertising to help insure success. 

Share the big news about our Events!

 Vendors are encouraged to advertise on their social media with fliers which are attached to the confirmation e-mail. The link to the Facebook event page is found in the confirmation e-mail, please click on the link, say you are going and invite your contacts.   

Event Location

Our New Event Location


Doors open for Business at 10 AM until 5 PM 

602 North Orchard Tacoma, WA. 98406

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B&G Sponsored Events

Post Office Box 8652 Tacoma WA. 98419


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