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Brenda Thompson / Origami Owl


  My name is Brenda Thompson and I am an Independent Designer with Origami Owl. I live in Arlington, Washington with my husband and I have 2 adult 

I am new to social selling/direct sales. I joined Origami Owl in September of 2019 as what we like to call a hobbyist, which means that I joined for the discount and had planned to use Origami Owl for gifts and fundraising ventures. The love and encouragement I received from my mentor, teammates, and the company was more than I ever could have imagined. When I dug into what our product has to offer and the connections and stories that could be created, it didn't take me long to realize that I have found my home. We are so much more than just jewelry.
I truly LOVE what I do & meet new clients/vendors. If there is anything you wish me to show you in products, just feel free to email me or follow me on FB. I do have a VIP group that is called Brenda Thompson's Build something beautiful. You are more than welcome to add your name to the group. If you ever wish to become a designer or even host a party, just massage me I will give you all the details.

Brenda Thompson 

Origami Owl 

Independent designer  

Carla Shaffer / Thiry-One



My name is Carla Shaffer. I am married to my wonderful husband Bob for 41 yrs & we have 3 children & 6 grand children. I have been with the company Thirty-One(31) for 4 yrs now. I do 2-3 events a month with B&G Sponsored Enterprise along with over coordinators. I truly LOVE what I do & meet new clients/vendors. If there is anything you wish me to show you in products, just feel free to email me or follow me on FB. I do have a group site that is called Carla's Classy Carry-All, Totes & More. You are more than welcome to add your name to the group. If you ever wish to become a consultant or even host a party, just go to my website & click on either Become a Hostess or Become a Consultant. https://www.mythirtyone.com/us/en/carlashaffer


 "Joy at Journey's End" believes the inherent strength of a woman is amplified by the healing powers of nature.  All of our products are handcrafted with 10 ingredients or less.  We use organic herbs and botanicals whenever possible and our ingredients are always natural.  Whether you’re a new (or experienced) mom, dope auntie, corporate boss, self-employed creative, warrior or healer; you deserve to indulge in the decadence of self-care."  www.joyatjourneysend.com 

Ebony Utley / Party Lite



 Hey everyone, my name is Ebony, and I am your PartyLite consultant!!! And we’re stuck together FOR LIFE!! Till death do us part!!  I’m so excited to show you all the amazing things you can do with our fabulous products!! I just wanted to give a quick introduction of myself to you all. I am mom an awesome little boy and rescued pit bull Bella, who are my entire world. They help me love what I do and are the reason why I share my passion!!!

My journey with PartyLite started when I need to find a way to earn some extra money to help with daily expenses, but not taking any more time away from my son then my full time position during the day already does. Before joining, I would feel like that my goals were just dreams that I would only accomplish in my dreams.

With PARTYLITE I am able to be flexible with my weekends in order to spend time with son and family. I don't have to worry about finding a sitter for no more than 3 hours at a time. The other great thing is when I work, I always end up at a party, It's awesome. I am able to get out and have some adult conversations as well, another awesome bonus. 

I’ve been with PartyLite since October 1, 2017 and it’s been filled with countless opportunities of growth both personally and professionally, but have had a candle addiction that only PartyLite can fix since my mom was a consultant over 10 years ago!!!!

I’m here to assist you when selecting an awesome gift for someone on your list or if your just going to pamper yourself!! So take a look at the catalog on my site, and see what I have to offer!! If you have questions please feel free to contact me!! 

You can sign up for a free rewards program and earn 15% of all your orders to go towards future orders, and hear about exclusive deals and promotions on my personal shopping link www.partylite.biz/ebbzescapes

And you can personal text me with any questions 253-414-2033 or you can join my facebook group  https://www.facebook.com/groups/2050148678586092/?ref=share

And follow my business page https://m.facebook.com/enchanting.aroma91/?ref=bookmarks




Hey Hey everyone!!!!! My name is Sarah and I am your local Lularoe Retailer! I have been in Business since February 2018. And absolutely love it. This is my "retirement" job due to an unfortunate injury that happened and made me disabled.

We have a huge variety of clothing that we offer. We carry Leggings, Dresses, Tops, Skirts, Cardigans, Hoodies, Tshirts, and Tank Tops. And we bring it all with us to this event! Clothes range in sizes from 2T-3xl, kids, women's, and men's. There is something in everyone's price range.

At the Great Pumpkin Bazaar is the Perfect time to start your holiday shopping. Whether you need the perfect hostess present, or are looking for just the right stocking stuffer we have something for everyone!!!!

I can't wait to meet ya"ll!!!
We also have a website for your shopping convenience that is available 24/7 with the option of shipping or free local pickup (91st and Portland Ave). We keep our website up to date and we are always adding new inventory!!!!


Lularoe PNW Nerds

Sarah Ayers & Jeremy Blanksma


Be Inspired By Your Clothing

Virus-free. www.avast.comAttachments area

KCAW, klayducks Ceramie Assoc. of Wa


In 2014 a group of Ceramic Teachers got together to form the Klayducks Ceramic Association of Washington (KCAW) for the purpose of Educating, Motivating and Inspiring children of all ages to explore their creativity through Art. 

Each year our members and volunteers take part in several free kids events. We attend Auburn Kids Day, Milton days and Auburn Good Old Days, with more venues to come. 

Our members donate finished pieces to L’Arche Tahoma Hope for their Charity Auction,and  Auburn food Bank empty Bowls luncheon. Each of these charities holds a special place in our hearts and we are always looking for ways to help others in our communities through our donations.

KCAW also hosts the local Fired Arts Show in Enumclaw, WA each June, where local ceramic and pottery studios as well as the public come together with vendors from all over the country to share their ideas, wares, and friendship. There is a competition, classes, demonstrations and food as well as hard to find items specifically for our industry. 

We are always accepting members and volunteers to help us and to become a part of our community. You can contact up at www.KLAYDUCKS.org.

The pieces we offer for sale are all done by our members and go to support our kids programs.

We hope there might be something that catches you eye as you browse our booth.  

Tracy Ohlenkamp, Crazy Creations...


 Hi my name is Tracy... I have the Crazy Creationz booth... I paint on almost anything. The style is called Dotilism or pointillism... It all started with a rock.. On my travels I found this beautiful rock from Kindness Rocks it said ," please post on Facebook ,so I did. My granddaughter and I started painting and hiding rocks. I have been painting for about a year and one half. My interest has grown and ideas have blossomed. I never thought I would have the patience to do this kind of thing. , But it is very calming and soothing and I'm not bad at it. Stop by the booth( I'm outside at this event), I'll be the one  with the purple hair. Share a smile and a how do you do. 




Tanya wilder / Owl Jewelry


 Hello, my name is Tanya Wilder. I have been an Independent designer for Origami Owl Jewelry for about a year. I found that I loved Origami Owl when a friend of mine invited me to a jewelry bar that she was hosting. I loved that I could make a locket that had everything in it that created something that meant so much to me. I quickly wanted to show my friends, family and neighbors what incredible jewelry they could have as well that would be completely customized to them! I love helping others make a beautiful and memorable locket that they can treasure for many years.
My website to check out all our beautiful jewelry is Https://LillyLockets.OrigamiOwl.com 

My Facebook page is Origami Owl - Lilly's Lockets  

Jenny Shaw/Js Illuminations



My name is Jenny and I run J² Illuminations. I make flameless decorated candles to suit any décor as well as custom pieces. If I can print it, I can illuminate it. I have created custom sets for memorial services and for rotating seasonal household displays. I can put kids, pets, sassy sayings, logos or whatever you can imagine on my candles.

I am also dabbling in the art of diamond painting and making custom diamond paintings. I may be working on one this weekend; you can stop by and see what the fuss is all about with this new art form. It’s another way to light up a room.

Nichole Crane/ AGNES & DORA



Hello and Happy shopping from Nichole and Lisa Brinkley - 2 Moms Who Can't Live Without! Your Agnes & Dora Independent Clothing Reps! We are a Mom and Daughter team who love comfortable and stylish clothing and sharing that love with all of you!  Agnes & Dora is a line of clothing for women, offering sizes from 00 to 26 or XXS to 3XL!!!  We have been selling this fun line of clothing since May 2017.   

Some of my favorite items we sell is our SUPER comfortable and forgiving Knit Denim Jeggings!  If you have never tried on a pair, you really should!!!!!  I also love our variety of layering pieces; from our Knitted Dreamy Duster to Essential Cardigans to our "wear them too many ways to count" Wrap Tops.  

If you are looking for something special please let us know!  We also pride our selves on AMAZING customer service!

You can shop all of our "instock" items at www.2momswhocantlivewithout.com or email us at 2momswhocantlivewithout@gmail.com vendors events

Colleen Power/ D'eleggance artistic egg designs. " The Egg Lady."



I've been decorating REAL  eggs in Faberge style for more than 50 years. I'm an Army brat, with my mom a lieutenant in the Army Nurse Corps and my dad a civilian when they met at Ft Sill. His father a captain in Pershing's cavalry pursuit of Pancho Villa. Papa joined up in 1943.  And retired in1960s. We settled in Sonoma. He continued to run the tri service Supply operations  out of Ft Mason until after the end of our involvement in Vietnam. 

And hoping to get the word out to some fellow brats in the area to come meet me, since we share a lot of our experiences  with other brats throughout four Facebook sites. 

Since moving here from northern California this past year, I've branched out some to reflect my past rather than just trinket boxes and ornaments. 

The 75th celebration of D'Day reminded me of a picture my dad help set up In his role in Signal Communications. In fact he is back in the corner of a famous picture of Eisenhower addressing troops a couple of days before the actual attack. 

I turned it into a very special egg I'm calling the statue of Liberty egg.

 It has a diorama of NYC and a lighted statue of Liberty on one side and the reverse is that picture. 

If you see this before 5 today. I'll have a copy of the picture a d some of the eggs with me when I'm Setting up tonight. 

Here are a couple of pictures. 

My Papa at 92 is picture behind. 

Also developing Star Trek eggs and collector doll eggs. And in honor of all my friends who are Breast Cancer survivors the pink egg is specially for them. I also have naked ostrich, emu and goose eggs for sale. As well as statue of Liberty kits. For those who want to make their own. 

Cheri Miller / TUPPERWARE



My name is Cheri Miller. I am a Tupperware consultant. I have been a consultant for 3 years. I was born in California to a military family. (My dad was in the Navy) when I was about 10 my Dad got transferred to Washington State. I joined the Navy shortly after high school and served active duty Navy for 6 years. I then did 6 1/2 years Navy reserve, 2 1/2 years National Guard and then eventually Active duty Army. I currently serve in the United States Army Reserve. I am married to an amazing man who's love and support with all that I do makes me the happiest woman alive.
My husband (who owns his own business and will be introduced later) and I have a combined total of 8 children. Our oldest daughter is 22 years and in the Navy. Then we have a 17 year old daughter, a 16 year old daughter in AFJROTC and has made the decision to join the Army after high school , a 15 year son who is an honor student and getting his first job this summer, a 13 year old son, a 10 year old daughter, a 6 year old son and a 4 year old daughter. 
Many people have asked me why I sell Tupperware?
For a long time, I really didn't know, honestly. But then I sat and thought about it. Why? The answer was right there in front of me... Tupperware. Tupperware is my why. I come from a military family, and as a military kid, there aren't a lot of constant stabilities. But I remember that Tupperware was always there. Tupperware was the only constant in my life. Every memory I have of my childhood has Tupperware somewhere in it. Why do I sell Tupperware? Because it is the only thing in my life that I can count on to always be around. Because Tupperware and military go hand in hand.  Tupperware (like the military) will always have my back. Tupperware (and the military) has shown me what "friends and family" really mean.
I have met many friends through the military and Tupperware, that the supporting have received from them is what keeps me going. Why I love what I do.

From all us at B&G Sponsored Events, "Thank You For Your Service".

Pat Carpenter / JAFRA


 Hi Everyone!  I am Pat Carpenter from South Hill Puyallup, WA. I was married for 45 years before I lost my husband to a massive heart attack in 2010.  I have two adult children, a boy and a girl, three grand children and four grand dogs!  Both of my adult children are very successful and I could not be more proud of them.  I am also a foster grandma to a beautiful baby girl who just turned one in October.  I call her "punky" and so enjoy her.

I am a member of the South Hill Lions serving our community and that is so rewarding for me.  I like helping others.  I have been a member for about three years now and we meet at the Salvation Army.  If your interested!

In the spring of 2019 I decided to join Jafra Skin Care who just celebrated their 63rd year in business!  I remember ordering from a consultant way back in the l980's!  I have always been a true believer in good skin care so when I got approached to join Jafra I did.  I like their family feeling and caring ways. Their products are very concentrated and excellent ingredients.  A bottle would last you at least two months.   They offer an excellent sign-up, free website and great support.  Plus we meet once per month to help each other out.  Of course, Jafra also has many other products to choose from like make-up, perfume, men's line, spa, hair, and treatments for all age groups. They currently have about 500 products to meet all your needs!! 

I would enjoy meeting with you and your skin care needs plus I would like to hear about your business.  I truly hope you will consider doing so with me!  Thanks Pat.




Sherri Bauch / Young Living Essential Oils.


 Hi, This is Sherri and I am with Young Living Essential Oils.  I am very excited to be a vendor at the November 16th event! 

New to my table this time are Essential Oils 101 classes which will be held at 11:30am, 1:30pm and 3:00pm. Stop by my booth and learn the basics about essential oils and how important they are to healthier living. For those who attend, there will be a special prize drawing at the end of each 10 minute class. Also, if you have or currently serve in the military, I have a special gift for you!

Shopping for the holidays? Ask about healthy gifts for family and friends,  and let's do your shopping right here!  

Looking forward to seeing and talking with you.


AmberH / The Avon Lady!



 Hi everyone! I am Amber Hoff and I have been an Independent Sales Consultant with Avon for 3 years! I started my Avon business originally as a side gig (mostly to afford my own Avon habit!). A year later I needed to “retire” from my full time job to tend to family and personal health matters, however I am still able to pay my bills thanks to my

Avon business!

Avon has offered quality Make-Up, Skin Care, Jewelry, Clothing and many other items for over 130 years. They pride themselves on building a unique portfolio of Beauty and related products, striving to surpass their competitors in quality, innovation and value. You can check out all their great products on my estore: www.youravon.com/amberhoff or see how I am using all their great products on my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AmberHtheAvonLady

Cat Dom / Color Street vendor



My name is Cat Dom, your Color Street stylist. I am the proud wife of a retired Airman and mother of a drummer and a Boy Scout.  We love hiking, biking and the great outdoors.
I started using Color Street back in December when my son insisted I try them.  After finding how much I love this product and the support of my family and friends and Color Street team I decided to share Color Street and become a Stylist in June. 
Color Street is 100% real nail polish that is 95% dry allowing easy application without making a mess,  comes in many colors and designs, fun for all ages. 
Come see me at the Bazaar and check out my VIP group, find out how we can color your world. 



Moodytudes Creations Teresa Blair


   I make and sell custom vinyl gifts and decor. I was a paper crafter for about 16 years. About 5 years ago, I created my first cup using vinyl. Since then, I have done nothing but vinyl! I try to add new things all the time. I started with just mugs... Now I do mugs, mason jars, wine glasses, large and small cutting boards, ceramic tile signs, reverse canvas signs, potholders, dish towels and can koozies!

Check out my  Facebook page  at Moodytudes Creations. 

KRISTINE M SMITH / Wordwhisperer


  Pacific Northwest native Kris M. Smith’s writing career was launched by actor DeForest Kelley fifty years ago.     
  Over the years, Kris became close friends with Mr. and Mrs. Kelley and served as Mr. Kelley’s personal assistant and caregiver during the final months of his life. Kris also presented brief but heartfelt sentiments at Paramount Studios' memorial service for him in 1999.    
  Kris has written two books about him: DeForest Kelley Up Close and Personal, A Harvest of Memories from the Fan Who Knew Him Best (2016) and The Enduring Legacy of DeForest Kelley: Actor, Healer, Friend. In 2019, to memorialize the 20th anniversary of his his passing on June 11, 1999 and the upcoming January 20, 2020 centennial of his birth, Kris published a series of Kelley-centric titles containing more than a thousand phone conversations that took place with the Kelleys. The title of the series is Kelley Phone Tag: The Rest of the Story.  
  In Hollywood from 1989 to 2004, Kris served as an administrative assistant and secretarial floater to writers, producers and—later—information technology professionals at various studios. Most of her Hollywood career was spent at Warner Bros. Studios.    
  The author of eleven books, Kris’s sixth title, Serval Son: Spots and Stripes Forever—a cautionary true story about what it’s like to own, and be owned by, a wild cat for seventeen years—reached the #2 and #4 spots at Amazon in two niche categories when it debuted in September 2011.    
  Kris’s newest title, Yay-Sayers: The Good Guides hit the ground running at Amazon by reaching #1 in the Teen & Young Adult Careers category when it debuted in April 2019.  
  Kris loves dancing with words and interacting with people.  You can reach Kris at Kris@wordwhisherer. net Yellow Balloon Publications

Missy Scharffenberg / noonday collection


Hi! My name is Missy Scharffenberg I’m an Independent Ambassador with Noonday Collection. Being fiercely passionate about independence and women empowering women lead me to join Noonday in June of this year.Noonday Collection designs and sells an inspired collection of jewelry and accessories made by Artisansacross the globe. To make a difference in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities, we partner with Artisan Businesses that share our passion for building a flourishing world. We develop these businesses through fair trade, empowering them to grow sstain and to create dignified jobs for people who need them. With a consistent form of income, a woman doesn’t have to make the impossible decision to abandon her child at an orphanage or choose which child to send to school. When she can sell

something she’s made, she doesn’t have to sell her body or her baby. Not only are our pieces beautiful, but each one tells a story of redemption, restoration and hope.

I love fashion and jewelry and I am passionate about Noonday’s mission and purpose and you will love these products. 

Visit my website https://melissascharffenberg.noondaycollection.com to view all our beautiful

products and learn more about Noonday Collection. If you are interested in hosting a private event for your friends, family or colleagues email me at missy.scharffenberg@gmail.com to get yours scheduled!



 We started Austere Skincare in the last quarter of 2019. 
We love the benefits of Ayurveda in our daily lives and  thought it would be great if we can include these herbs in our daily skincare routine. We are also VEGAN.
Our products are formulated to perform multiple effects on your skin and leave your skin at its best.
Handmade in Small Batches, with Natural, Organic ingredients.
Free from Phthalates, Sulphates, Silicones, Parabens, Mineral Oil.
We thoroughly enjoy the benefits of these herbs and so our customers also should.

https://www.etsy.com/shop/SaraSoapsStoreattachments area


 We started Austere Skincare in the last quarter of 2019. 
We love the benefits of Ayurveda in our daily lives and  thought it would be great if we can include these herbs in our daily skincare routine. We are also VEGAN.
Our products are formulated to perform multiple effects on your skin and leave your skin at its best.
Handmade in Small Batches, with Natural, Organic ingredients.
Free from Phthalates, Sulphates, Silicones, Parabens, Mineral Oil.
We thoroughly enjoy the benefits of these herbs and so our customers also should.

https://www.etsy.com/shop/SaraSoapsStoreattachments area

Sharon Prichard / Damsel in Defense


    Join an amazing tribe of people dedicated to protecting ourselves, and our families through cutting-edge personal protection products. One in five women will be assaulted in their lifetime. We are fighting to change those statistics every day, one product, at a time another saved! 

Kesiko Nalder / Dustbunny Decor



Hello my name is Kesiko Nalder and I am answering the email that was sent me this past Friday. So here is a short bio about me and my business Dustbunny Decor.

Hello my name is Kesiko Nalder. I am new mom and I have a very supportive husband who is also a new dad. Our son is one and is great busy little guy. I have also been an artist my whole life and even went to school for it and train mixed mediums. I love all medium from watercolors to recycled up materials and I will use it all to create great beautiful art masterpieces. My husband the loving supportive guy he is has encouraged me for years to not just give my art away as gifts but to sell it to the public, to which always said maybe someday. Well now with quitting my job that had in retail for 13 to become a stay at home mom someday became today. I also noticed that there are a lot of people selling crafts for crazy prices that do not match the work. I also noticed that have collected a lot of books over the years and could not bear to part with them but noticed that there are some not popular ones that had some value as vintage pieces. So I combined a couple of things (with the help and support of family and friends)and now I have small business that is Dustbunny Decor. I sell woodburned home decor that is soild pieces that are sealed and tested, thanks to my one year old and they will not only beautify your home but they are one of the kind pieces that will last and that are priced fairly. I sell woodburned trays with a variety of images from cartoons to realistic nature scenes, toys, jewelry boxes, kitchen wear, laundry room organization tools, seasonal holiday decorations, bath wear, kids room decor upon request and more. I also sell vintage recycled up paper wearths that are sealed so they can make it on your front door in the Washington weather. Again all one of a kind! And the great thing about my business is that we can customize any piece free of charge even something you already own or just want made to order. I have not had much luck online through esty because there a sea of crafters there and I prefer to sell locally but can always ship out of state if needed. And just remember Dustbunny Decor home and holiday decor and so much more.

Hope this helps and let me know if you need some more pictures but for now here is my current running business logo attached.

Sincerely Kesiko Nalder of Dustbunny Decor 

Therese Ingraham


 My name is Therese, im a stay at home mom of 2 1/2 year old twin boys and a 9 month old baby girl.  I started my business Sweetest Baby almost a year ago by making hair-bows for my preemie girl. ( I wasn't able to find any cute ones that would fit her little head). It has since grown and i now make headeraps, headbands,  hair clips and some clothes. Everything I sell its handmade by my and inspired by my  daughter.   

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