Our Vendors Story

Amber Anten / Scentsy


Amber Anten/ Scentsyfragrances, whether in a wax melt, body lotion, hand soap, or just a stuffed animal to snuggle with that smells like grape, you have GOT to see what has! Everyone thinks it's just wax and warmers - but they couldn't be more wrong! I hope to meet you at a vendor event so I can show you first hand (I always have LOTS of samples, too!) but in the meantime, please visit my website at https://amberanten.scentsy.us and you can also join my Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AmbersScentsyInSouthHill/ 

Carla Shaffer / Thiry-One



My name is Carla Shaffer. I am married to my wonderful husband Bob for 41 yrs & we have 3 children & 6 grand children. I have been with the company Thirty-One(31) for 4 yrs now. I do 2-3 events a month with B&G Sponsored Enterprise along with over coordinators. I truly LOVE what I do & meet new clients/vendors. If there is anything you wish me to show you in products, just feel free to email me or follow me on FB. I do have a group site that is called Carla's Classy Carry-All, Totes & More. You are more than welcome to add your name to the group. If you ever wish to become a consultant or even host a party, just go to my website & click on either Become a Hostess or Become a Consultant. https://www.mythirtyone.com/us/en/carlashaffer

Julie Olson / Sassy Lass Sweets



What started out as a family tradition has turned into a fun little business. I am a one-woman show and specialize in decorated sugar cookies. Sassy Lass Sweets began in 2018, is state licensed and inspected and continues to add a variety of sweet treats for all occasions. I can be reached at sassylasssweets@gmail.com or through Facebook.


Aikita Jones / Joy at Journey's End...


 "Joy at Journey's End" believes the inherent strength of a woman is amplified by the healing powers of nature.  All of our products are handcrafted with 10 ingredients or less.  We use organic herbs and botanicals whenever possible and our ingredients are always natural.  Whether you’re a new (or experienced) mom, dope auntie, corporate boss, self-employed creative, warrior or healer; you deserve to indulge in the decadence of self-care."  www.joyatjourneysend.com 

Melissa Bostic / Vegan/Cruelty-free soaps & candles.



 I make Vegan/Cruelty-free soaps, candles, bath bombs and many more smell goods. I started out a few years ago making candles for friends and family then morphed into bath products. I have only been actively selling for a couple months. 

I started making candles and bath products for myself because I found it difficult to find products in stores that did not contain or test on animals. (Happily, now that kind of stuff is everywhere due to the large surge in the vegan culture). 

Since I am allergic to everything I enjoy knowing where and how my bath products are made. I can use my bath products and know that they are gentle on my skin.  Although, right now, I’m happy just selling to continue on with my hobby I hope to one day to make this more than a hobby.

I do not have a website but people can reach me through Facebook Buddhist Moon


Christopher Bailey / Author


 Christopher Bailey is a young adult fiction author from Seattle, WA, known for his relatable characters and hidden subtexts. Deeply involved in his imaginary worlds, he brings a life to the fantastic that draws the young readers further and further into their own imaginations. His aim in all his work is to help bring new young readers into a lifelong love of reading, and the unique pleasure of losing oneself in a good book. Beyond that, his work heavily features themes of anti-bullying and inclusion, with major characters of a variety of races, genders, abilities, and orientations. Please check out his facebook page at www.facebook.com/StarjumperLegacy, or his Amazon author page atwww.amazon.com/author/christopherbailey


  On the TheraNest Blog, Tiffany Chhuom, owner of EthTech, a healthcare consulting and training firm talks about steps you can take to ensure your personal safety as a therapist online and in-person. 

She shares useful tips for maintaining an online presence while ensuring you're not putting too much information about yourself on the web. 

Check it out here:

From the Couch to the Screen: Staying Safe and Relevant in 2019

Tracy Ohlenkamp, Crazy Creations...


 Hi my name is Tracy... I have the Crazy Creationz booth... I paint on almost anything. The style is called Dotilism or pointillism... It all started with a rock.. On my travels I found this beautiful rock from Kindness Rocks it said ," please post on Facebook ,so I did. My granddaughter and I started painting and hiding rocks. I have been painting for about a year and one half. My interest has grown and ideas have blossomed. I never thought I would have the patience to do this kind of thing. , But it is very calming and soothing and I'm not bad at it. Stop by the booth( I'm outside at this event), I'll be the one  with the purple hair. Share a smile and a how do you do. 

Bead work by Buddy...


   Native American Beaded Jewelry and Accessories! 

D L Fowler... Author


  What Are Stories? Stories fulfill readers’ emotional needs. The first draft of any story is like a sculptor’s stone—raw material. That’s not to say you can’t sell books that are only lightly polished first drafts. Many people do, and a few make good money doing so, but sales don’t mean your stories have the kind of impact that satisfy readers’ needs. Taking a first draft to that emotional level depends on the skill and hard work you put into it. You don’t have to use everything we’ll cover in this course. You may decide some of it is unnecessary for your purposes. You may find something brilliant elsewhere that isn’t covered here (and if you do, please share it). The purpose of this course is to expose you to a way of thinking about stories and to a set of skills that can help you take readers deep into your inner world.    

Damsel In Defense - Sharon Prichard


  Join an amazing tribe of people dedicated to protecting ourselves, and our families through cutting-edge personal protection products. One in five women will be assaulted in their lifetime. We are fighting to change those statistics every day, one product at a time.  

Judy Greene...Author



Author, Peot, Songwriter ...

Writer of the book title GRANDMA SYNDROME...  

Loretta Shier/Young Living



Hello, my name is Loretta Shier. I started using Young Living Essential Oils several years ago. I have always taken a more holistic approach to health, but felt like I needed a bit more in my toolbox. A friend introduced me to Essential Oils. As she shared her stories of success, I began to feel that these oils were the missing piece, so I decided to give them a try. As I began using them and seeing results, I had lots of questions too. I was amazed by the care and support that I received. I had no idea that I was joining a team that would be there for me to answer all my questions and help me on my journey. Today I am healthier and have access to so many toxin free products and oils that have successfully woven their way into every aspect of my family’s life. We love them!

If you would like to start supporting your body in toxin free ways, feel free to contact me! I’d love to help!

Loretta Shier 206 779 5457


Cindy Thrasher/ Cindy’s Culinary Creations



At a local barter in December 2017, we decided to bring some of our delicious oatmeal bars. They had always been a favorite at potlucks, so that is why I brought them.

They were our most popular item, so I thought, I could sell these and make some money. Thus was born “Cindy’s Culinary Creations”.

We make simple, home baked treats such as brownies, fudge and the oh so delightful chocolate chip bars, plus many other items.

Cindy’s Culinary Creations began in 2018, is state licensed and inspected. My hubby and I run the whole show. We can be reached at cindysculinarycreations@outlook.com or thru Facebook on our page there https://www.facebook.com/Cindysculinarycreations

Jenny Shaw/Js Illuminations



My name is Jenny and I run J² Illuminations. I make flameless decorated candles to suit any décor as well as custom pieces. If I can print it, I can illuminate it. I have created custom sets for memorial services and for rotating seasonal household displays. I can put kids, pets, sassy sayings, logos or whatever you can imagine on my candles.

I am also dabbling in the art of diamond painting and making custom diamond paintings. I may be working on one this weekend; you can stop by and see what the fuss is all about with this new art form. It’s another way to light up a room.

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Vendors Story

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 Vendors Story 

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 Vendors Story